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Crossing the Bridge at Z Lounge

Get ready to join the biggest party in the city! Tonight we serve the best with an International twist, join our DJ for the night Arman Bercin as he warms up the dance floor & takes you on a journey through the ultimate dance tunes from the diverse European clubs playing rhythmic motions!


Beginning from the childhood, he has been passionately performing successful
and high energetic graphic on some specific sectors that also brought him some
rewards. After receiving international records on swimming, he decided to push
aside his up to now career and choosed the most exciting and passionated
business DJing and Music Production which drives him to the Europe’s one of the
most important Dj and Music Production Education Studios
#BenDJolmakistiyorum, In which it operates Europe’s most important music
authorities inside.
Here, after a successful training period has started its own radio program with
the support of his teachers. After this process, he had started performances and
shows in some local and International clubs which lets him to uncover his
musical identity. Young Dj has become the awareness of what he wants from the
life he is living. After a easy pass of that period and getting enriched on Music,
Arman Bercin set his goals on a high level, as he did on his professional
swimming career.He singed a great agreement with Ibiza Edition,where the
worlds most famous Djs and Music Producers gets the Marketing and Promotion
support, priorly for his Radio Shows and then for a Single project.
Young DJ and Music Producer is in the studio process of his first Single project
with lot of excitement and enthusiasm which will be his first sharing of his
musical journey with his audience and his followers.