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HEC Paris Executive Short Program – Marketing through Social Media

HEC Paris In Qatar is offering an Executive Short Program in “Marketing through Social Media” 

With  Kristine de Valck, HEC Paris Associate Professor of Marketing

Next Intake: 11-12 February 2018

Location: HEC Paris, Doha Campus

Social Media are more than a communication channel. How can they be strategically leveraged?


  •  A new marketing paradigm due to the horizontal revolution: how have the 4Ps of marketing evolved due to the rise of constantly connected customers?
  • The digitized customer journey: what is the role of the internet in general and social media in particular in the consumer’s purchase decision process?
  • Social media landscape and cultures: recognizing the wide variety of platforms that are used for different purposes and adhere to different social norms
  • The four pillars of social media marketing strategy:
  1.  Communicate: content marketing and thought leadership
  2. Create: word-of-mouth marketing and engaging influencers
  3. Care: using social media for market research and customer support
  4. Commune: managing and leveraging consumer communities


  • Understand the difference between traditional, digital and social media marketing
  • Gain insight in the varied landscape of social media
  • Increase your social media literacy
  • Learn key concepts in social media marketing
  • Discover the array of ways in which social media can be leveraged
  • Develop your ability to design successful social media strategies



For more information, contact Yann La Camera at shortprograms@hec-q.qf.org.qa  or call at +974 4454 0161.