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Z Lounge: Sunset Blvd every Friday

Socialize with the trendiest crowd while soaking up the sensational city views from the top spot for post-brunch Sundowners. Overwhelm your senses with our offers and dance tunes from our talented DJ’s.

Our Resident DJ Isaac Jordan all the way from Barcelona with over 15 years experience USA native has name for himself across the globe as a premier DJ with his precise mixing , Sharp cut and deep musical slectin ranging through all genres of music .

Sunset Hour : 4pm – 7pm
Party Hour : 7pm -2 am

250 QAR Unlimited Drinks including Red, white & amp , grains
350 QAR unlimited Drinks including Red, white, grains & amp ,spirits

For more information, contact 4405 3325 or www.kempinski.com/doha