Why Dogs Aren’t Allowed In Restaurants

Dogs are a great companion, and they are a big part of your lives especially in your homes. It is also for that matter that you will always think about your puppy’s health and cannot seem to leave them behind. It is a different story when you are in a public place though. Some people like dogs and are very happy when they see one, but there are also others that are not a big fan.

It is also different when you are in a restaurant where they are mostly not allowed. There are reasons and risks involved, and here they are:

1. Health

This is the main reason why most restaurants do not allow dogs. It is because of health code violations with the law. It is very unsanitary especially when they are going to bathrooms. It would also be risky for food that is served. There might be some disease or parasites that a dog might transfer. Another factor is that some people might be allergic to dogs and will be risky if they are around them.

2. Eat Your Food

Some dogs get excited when it comes to food. Because of that, they might disturb you once you start eating. They might even jump on your table or start barking which is not good and would also disturb other people, customers, and staff alike. Also, they will also likely cause some accidents.

3. Uncomfortable Patrons

It is mentioned before that some people might be allergic, but that is not the only case. Some people are not big fans of dogs and might not like with your dog around. Because of that, it might cause some conflict like them complaining. Some may be also scared of them or just uncomfortable around them. And also, there is the issue when the dog starts to bark or get antsy and will likely cause a disturbance.

It is not always the case though. Some restaurants would actually allow dogs, but there are considerations on why or how.

Outdoor Tables

As long as it is not inside the restaurant, dogs are allowed to be around. Since some restaurants have tables outdoors, it is one of the solutions dog owners, and also restaurants would like to have when they want their dogs to accompany them because it is less worrisome when it comes to sanitary and safety.

Service Dogs

Another consideration is service dogs. They are the ones who guide persons with disabilities or even those who have issues with mental and physical health. It is for that matter that they need to have the dogs to always accompany them. There is a law concerning this and not only that, these dogs are highly trained, so they are expected to behave in certain ways.


Nowadays, it is debated whether dogs should now be allowed in restaurants. One of the arguments is that pets are likely to be already vaccinated and therefore not at risk of diseases. It is because of that matter that some restaurants allow dogs in their establishments even with the law. It is still risky if there will be other patrons who will complain.