Do Cats Really Care About Their Owners?

If you are thinking of getting a pet, you might something that is well-known for you would have the idea of what to expect of them. You would want to choose the most popular pet, and it could be either a cat or a dog especially if you are looking for a companion.

They say dogs would be better because they are friendly and easier to get along with while there are the cats who are prominent for different characteristics. They are said to have the trait of being too cool. Because of that, they tend to be standoffish and do not really care. But is that really the matter? How true is that? What are a cat’s characteristics and how endearing they are?

They are loyal.

Dogs are more known to be loyal because they have the tendency to follow you around and also the ones who will wait for you at home. Cats do not really do that, but that does not mean they are not loyal. Once a cat gets attached to you, they will certainly be loyal albeit showing it in a different way. An example is even they want to go out, they will be going back to you in the end. Also, there are stories and circumstances that a cat defends their owner just like a dog does.

They get attached.

Loyalty is equaled to attachment. Just like mentioned before, they will go back to their owners no matter how long they are outside. There are also happenings that they will be the ones who will go and find their owners. Another factor is at home, they would want to be in places their owners frequented like beds or sofas. 

They want affection.

Once a cat gets attached to you, they will also demand your attention. They would want some, and at times demands, cuddles from you that at times you might get disturbed with your work. There are times that they would also wake you up or just simply sleep beside you or just be in your space.

How Cats Show Affection

Now that we know that a cat does care and would want to be with you, they only not demand affection from you, but they also show it. Here are the ways they show affection to their owners.

1. Purring

This the well-known thing they do to their owners or even if they just like a person. Purring is sound made by them when they are relaxed or simply enjoying something.

2. Grooming

Cats love to groom themselves by licking, and they will also do that for the ones they love.

3. Blinking at You

Once your cat stares at you and slowly blinks at you, this means they are showing their affection. You can reciprocate by doing the same to them.

4. Showing Belly

Showing their belly also indicates showing trust though keep in mind that unlike dogs, cats hate belly rub.

5. Cheek Rub

They would start cheek rubbing on your leg, but they would also want to rub their cheeks to yours.

6. Head Bunt

Then there is also when cats bop their heads to you. This is a sign of marking territory.

7. Hang Out

And as mentioned above, they would want to be in your space, and that is because they want to spend time with you.