How To Care For Dog Paws In The Winter

You can definitely now feel the change of season with the cold. It is a great feeling for some but will need a lot of adjustments. As much as the snow and cold temperature are nice, it can be also challenging. It is not only about your health but also, the man’s best friend, your dog’s health. Cold temperature is not exactly the bed of roses for them.

Humans experience dry skin when cold weather comes. That is the same for dogs. The cold and dry air is bad for their paws. Like human skin, it will become dry, and they will suffer itching and cracking. They are also a prospect in having frostbite. Because of this, you will have to protect your dog’s paws during this time, and here the ways:

1. Booties

Salt or de-icers are used to remove snow. These are harmful to your dog though because of chemicals and might also cause some irritation, so you will have to prevent them from exposure. Dog boots or booties are not just there to have your dog dressed up, but it will be also a big help for protecting their paws from ice, salt, and chemicals. You can easily find it at pet stores. 

2. Balms and Petroleum Jelly

Another way to protect your dog’s paws is to apply and massage some petroleum jelly or any other balm available to protect the paws. You will have to do this before going outside. It is very safe for them. It is also a great tool to heal if their paws get chapped. There are some preparations before you do this. Make sure that they are groomed well, meaning the hair around paws are trimmed and will not get in the way of the balm. Also, it will prevent from having salt and ice in clinging on the fur.

3. Bring Towels

Every time you go for a walk, make sure to also bring some towels. This way, you will be washing your dog’s paw the wipe and dry it to remove salt and chemicals from the ice. Make sure to check between the toes too and if the paws are getting cracked.

4. Warming Up

You will also have to prepare your dog before coming outside or even just staying in for it is important to keep them warm. First is that you will have to keep your home warm. Because of the cold, bathing will only make them colder and also will decrease oils that protect them. Another is dressing them up to add some layers to them and also increase body heat. Brushing their hair will also help with their circulation. 

5. Stay Indoors

If it is too cold to go outside then you just let them stay in your house. That way, they will be also protected from the ice. As said before, make your house warmer. Also, at this time, they feed them more because they tend to get more energetic. Also, give them more drinks to stay hydrated.