Tips To Spoil Your Pets

Pets are a part of the family, and they deserve to be spoiled every now and then. Every animal has different needs, so it is important to know what your pet likes before you make any purchases. Here are tips that will help spoil your pets without breaking the bank!

  1. Make some homemade treats for them once in awhile. Your dog or cat will love these more than store-bought. Store bought treats are not always the best option. While some of them have been entertaining for our pets for many years, others have been created from recipes that we as humans would never try. By giving a store bought treat, you may be setting your pet up to believe that the treat has been made for a human instead of a pet, which will lead to a food fight.
  2. Keep their water bowl clean at all times – this is especially true if you have animals who like playing outside where there might be bacteria lurking in nearby puddles.
  3. Get them an extra soft bed for when they sleep with you on your bed (just not too often, or you might find them taking over your bed!). You can definitely see what’s best on The Pampered Pup.
  4. Keep your pets entertained with some simple toys that you can find at the pet store. New toys are not necessarily just for birthday presents, but they can be used as prizes during special times of the year.
  5. Keep treats handy. You might consider leaving some treats around the house for them to nibble on. These treats can easily be placed in special containers or tied to string, which allows you to easily take them along for a wonderful pet play.
  6. Don’t forget to treat them on their birthday! You don’t have to get a big cake, but just doing something small like baking some dog cookies or giving them a new toy will show how much they mean to you and let them know how much you love them.

In the end, spoiling your pets is not about how expensive and extravagant it can be; instead, it’s all about showing them that they are a part of the family and that we care for their well-being!

Examples of Unusual and Exotic Pets

Exotic pets and animals are one of the most popular types of pets today. It is interesting to know the benefits associated with having these animals around as they provide enjoyment, affection, physical stimulation and exercise for their owners. Some of the common pets that people keep as pets include:

Rats and mice are both examples of oddball animals that bring excitement in any household. Examples of strange pets people keep include rats and mice as they can be kept as pet animals and do not require a special environment. If keeping these animals as pets is an option you may want to think about adopting from a local pound or animal shelter. Both these animals will require a safe and dry home to live in which makes adopting them from a shelter a good idea.

Guinea pigs and gerbils are also examples of oddball pets. These animals come in a wide variety of colors with the most common being white, gray and pink. Many people keep gerbils as pets as they like the small animal and are not as demanding as other guinea pig breeds. It is important that you understand the responsibility involved when owning a guinea pig as they can easily become depressed or aggressive towards humans if handled roughly.

Examples of unusual pets include frogs, toads, lizards, parrots and toucans. They are an excellent addition to any family, especially if they are trained accordingly as they love to interact with children and other animals. Children can learn a lot from these animals as they spend time playing with them and learn different skills such as how to interact with others and exercise.

Examples of unusual pets that have gained a lot of popularity in recent times are capybaras. Capybaras are an example of two headed animals. A single capybara will look very similar to its counterpart but if it has two heads it will actually look longer and larger than its counterpart. These animals belong to the rodent family and were first bred to be used as rat pets.

Other rodents include minkons, gerbils and gopher tortoiseshells. Minkons are the smallest among all rodents and although not widely accepted in the US due to their mite appearance they are growing in popularity as pets. Minkons enjoy a high energy level and enjoy climbing and running around. Gerbils are another interesting example of animals often associated with exotic pet trade, as they are also well known for being good with children.

The common misconception many people have is that rodents are considered vermin. This assumption is often incorrectly made as some rodents do require special care. Rodents play a very important role in the food chain in nature and need to be handled accordingly. Often incorrectly they are incorrectly considered pests when they can actually be beneficial to a garden.

Exotic pets are only one option that people who are considering raising exotic pets can consider. From squirrels to dolphins there are a number of animals for those interested in exotic pet trade. All exotic animals are not created equal and neither are any pets. For those considering these animals it is important to research the type of animal that will best suite your needs and lifestyle. Carefully choose the pet that will best suit you and allow you to create a special bond between you and your new companion.

An example of unique and unusual pets is skunks. These wild animals are a great choice for anyone who enjoys leaving their home and experimenting in the wild but does not want to go too far. These skunks can provide an exciting, if somewhat tame, experience in keeping a cage. Skunks can be a real challenge in that they will almost certainly want to make their new home smell and taste like their old cage. Once they have become used to their new home it will be much easier to train them to do what you want. It is possible to train skunks to use a litter box and to stop scratching in the cage but these are the more difficult tasks that will need to be achieved.

Finally, one other example of strange pets people might not be familiar with is the peacock bird. The peacock has a long tradition as being an excellent bird for bird watchers because of its beautiful colors and ability to fly high into the air. Peacocks are a bit more challenging to care for than most wild animals and are likely to require a good deal of human care in their care. This is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy bird watching without having to drain their bank account.

How And When To Give Your Dog Food Supplements

A dog is considered an integral part of your family and just like any other family member; you take care of the dog and ensure that it lives a healthy life. You also make an effort to provide a balanced diet to the dog for making sure that it becomes more cheerful and energetic. But there are times when the nutritional needs of the dog are not fulfilled with the food that you provide. This is the reason why you need to give supplements to your dog so that it will remain healthy without facing any kind of health problem. For this, you will need to find out how and when to give your dog food supplements so that it will provide health benefits to the dog. When you are very concerned about the health of your dog, you should make sure that you are choosing the right supplements that will boost the nutrition and health of the dog.

Dog food supplements are gaining a lot of popularity among dog owners who want their pets to remain healthy and get rid of all kinds of health issues. The most common supplements are known to support the arthritic joints of the dog and other supplements help in counteracting the aging effects in dogs so that cognitive dysfunction can be treated effectively. There are some dog food supplements that aid in the recovery of your pet after it has been injured or has been seriously ill. There are different kinds of supplements that you can offer to your dog which include antioxidants, multivitamins, minerals, glucosamine, omegas, and Probiotics. These supplements are for the different life stages of the dog and it contains varying levels of nutrients so that it will help the dog to become healthier. Therefore are some supplements are also used for preventing certain diseases in dogs while others help in making them grow quickly. When your dog is not getting enough nutrients from its food then you should consider giving it the supplements that will meet its nutrients needs quickly. Along with the supplements, you need to make sure that you are providing your dog with a balanced diet that is needed for maintaining its optimal health.


Along with helping your dog to live a healthy life, the use of dog food supplements is very important for addressing the health issues of dogs. The special nutritional needs of the dogs are also fulfilled with the help of these supplements that should be given to the dog on a regular basis. Additionally, the supplements are also very effective in supporting the specific bodily functions, and hence you should add the supplements to the daily food of your pet. Therefore, the kind of supplement that you select for your dog will be determined based on the advice of the veterinarian. This is very important for compensating the suspected deficiency of dog nutrients so that it can get all the nutrients that it needs for the body to function it optimally without facing any kind of health issues.

What Is A Good First Reptile Pet?

You are thinking of having a pet, but you would like something different and quite exotic. So instead of the usual cats or dogs, you are thinking others. What is different from dogs or even cats are reptiles. First of all, they are cold-blooded which means they would need to have warmer surroundings, and that is just the start. They should be taken care of in a certain way, so you will need some education first. But once you have a grasp on that, it will get easier.

What would be the best reptile to have as a first pet? That way, it will be a bit easier for you to be adjusted and get started and will go from there.

1. Bearded Dragon

 It is a type of lizard and also called as beardies. They are very laid back and easy to care for. They would love to interact if they are handled properly. You need to be willing for the extra expenses though. They will need to have specific equipment such as the tank they will stay in which is a big one because of their size. Add to that the lights to put. As for their diet, they eat insects, fruits, and vegetables.

2. Leopard Gecko

Another kind of lizard that will be a great pet. They are willing and easy to care for. Their diet consists of insects. They are also nocturnal that they do not need any special lighting and are great companions during the night or early mornings.

3. Ball Python

If you are thinking of having a snake, the ball python is ideal to have as first. It is the most common snake to have as a pet and is known for being docile therefore easy to care for. Choosing tanks is also not that hard for they do not require to have a special one. The only challenge you would have with them is feeding for they tend to be picky, but they will usually go for mice.

4. Corn Snake

Another snake that is perfect for first-time owners. It is smaller and also docile. You would need to have a tighter cage for them though because corn snakes are great at escaping. 

5. Eastern Box Turtle

To have a turtle would require a lot of preparation because of their habitat. If you are looking for turtles, the Eastern box turtles are perfect to have as a start. They have a very long life, and they also do not need a lot of aquatic demands therefore easy to care for and maintain. They are also adaptable. They feed with both insects and plants.

6. Red-Eared Slider

Another turtle great to have as a pet. Unlike Eastern box turtle though, they have aquatic needs but not that hard for it is freshwater. They are also omnivores, so they also fed with insects and plants and can also be done in water. They also do not require daily feeding once they get older. 

Are Birds Good Pets?

Maybe you are thinking of getting a pet. There are obvious ones like cats and dogs. But you are thinking of having something different and also something that is quite easier. Yes, all pets are responsibility and needed to be taken care of, but there are some that often slips into our minds. Birds are one of those.

If you are still thinking about what kind of pet will be perfect for you, do not neglect birds as your choice. You might not be able to have them when you get out, but they are still great to have. Here are the reasons why they are a great consideration:

1. They are Intelligent

If you are looking for pets to have as a companion, a bird is a great choice. You might be thinking that cats and dogs are intelligent because they tend to make their own decisions at times, but do not underestimate birds. Birds are ones that migrate when they sense danger, so that shows that they think ahead when it comes to problems. Also, they adapt easily, and that is the reason why some would have human-like characteristics.

2. Less Grooming

Another great thing about birds is that they are very hygienic. Because of that, you will have fewer problems in taking care of that because they will do it themselves. They are the ones who will clean and groom their feathers. You do not need to worry about expensive toiletries for them and pests. All you have to do is shower them lightly once a week, and it will be all good.

3. Inexpensive Food

You also do not need to worry about what to feed them. Of course, you will still need to give them some high-quality seeds and pellets, but they can also be fed with fruits and vegetables, and do not really need any additional.

4. Social Animals

As said before, they are intelligent that they tend to adapt easily. With just some training, they will be able to socialize easily and form a strong bond with you. They are also will be able to communicate with you and be a great companion.

5. Saves Space

If you are living in a small space or just do not like to reserve a big space for a pet, a bird is a great solution. Birds do not need a bigger space to play or run around. They will just need a corner for their cage. Aside from that, if you are living in an apartment, they do not need an extra fee, unlike cats and dogs. They are also often allowed because they are not considered as pets oftentimes.

6. Long Life

The thing with having pets is that you know their lives are limited and is hard to let go or move on. Birds have long lives though and might even outlive their owners because some would have a lifespan of 100 years. Because of that, you will get to enjoy them in a very long time and not worry about losing them early.

Are Bark Collars An Effective Way To Train Your Dog?

Countless dog owners across the world have been faced with a situation in which their dog insists upon barking relentlessly, no matter what you do to try to calm them. You can use soothing words, take them out for a walk, give them a treat, and all the typical things you might generally check on to make sure your dog is happy, healthy, and taken care of. Yet the problem can still persist, and it can become more of a problem when it starts to bother not only your household but the entire world around you.

So what are we to do when this situation arises? We all love our dogs, but surely we can find a way to get them to behave in a manner that is harmonious with our lifestyles. Many dog owners have turned to bark collars as a method to get their pets to stop barking. It’s a controversial topic, but the reality of it is that it works. You may be wondering why it is controversial though, especially if you take a look at the more modern products available today. They seem to be focused on safety and versatility.

The reason that bark collars have a negative light surrounding them is that those of a previous generation relied solely on shocking your dog in order to train them. Worse yet, they were strewn with design errors that led to false shocks, or shocking the dog wearing the collar when a nearby dog happened to bark.

Now, the idea of a collar shocking a dog in itself is enough to deter many dog owners – and understandably so. Shock is a strong and scary word. That said, if properly tuned in a shock can be perfectly harmless to your pup and even subtle enough to only get their attention rather than hurt them. No one would ever advocate doing so, but plenty of dog owners have reported testing the bark collars our on their own skin before affixing it to their dog so that they knew what was being administered.

These days bark collars are made in such a way that they are much more safe and humane. Not only are they designed to virtually eliminate false bark detection as well as bark leaking from nearby dogs, but nearly every product out there comes with a number of correction mechanisms for letting your dog know that it’s time to start barking. Better yet, the intensity of the correction mechanism can almost always be honed in to be just enough to get your dogs attention and no more.

Typically what you’re going to find is a bark collar that can give an sound, a vibration, a shock, or a combination of these correction mechanisms. Many dog owners report that the sound alone is enough to get the point across to their dog. What seems unanimous is that bark collars are an effective way to train your dog, and if they are set up properly they can certainly be a safe and humane way of going about it. Now, bark collars are definitely not the only way to accomplish this, but if needed they are a tool you can rely on.

Do Cats Really Care About Their Owners?

If you are thinking of getting a pet, you might something that is well-known for you would have the idea of what to expect of them. You would want to choose the most popular pet, and it could be either a cat or a dog especially if you are looking for a companion.

They say dogs would be better because they are friendly and easier to get along with while there are the cats who are prominent for different characteristics. They are said to have the trait of being too cool. Because of that, they tend to be standoffish and do not really care. But is that really the matter? How true is that? What are a cat’s characteristics and how endearing they are?

They are loyal.

Dogs are more known to be loyal because they have the tendency to follow you around and also the ones who will wait for you at home. Cats do not really do that, but that does not mean they are not loyal. Once a cat gets attached to you, they will certainly be loyal albeit showing it in a different way. An example is even they want to go out, they will be going back to you in the end. Also, there are stories and circumstances that a cat defends their owner just like a dog does.

They get attached.

Loyalty is equaled to attachment. Just like mentioned before, they will go back to their owners no matter how long they are outside. There are also happenings that they will be the ones who will go and find their owners. Another factor is at home, they would want to be in places their owners frequented like beds or sofas. 

They want affection.

Once a cat gets attached to you, they will also demand your attention. They would want some, and at times demands, cuddles from you that at times you might get disturbed with your work. There are times that they would also wake you up or just simply sleep beside you or just be in your space.

How Cats Show Affection

Now that we know that a cat does care and would want to be with you, they only not demand affection from you, but they also show it. Here are the ways they show affection to their owners.

1. Purring

This the well-known thing they do to their owners or even if they just like a person. Purring is sound made by them when they are relaxed or simply enjoying something.

2. Grooming

Cats love to groom themselves by licking, and they will also do that for the ones they love.

3. Blinking at You

Once your cat stares at you and slowly blinks at you, this means they are showing their affection. You can reciprocate by doing the same to them.

4. Showing Belly

Showing their belly also indicates showing trust though keep in mind that unlike dogs, cats hate belly rub.

5. Cheek Rub

They would start cheek rubbing on your leg, but they would also want to rub their cheeks to yours.

6. Head Bunt

Then there is also when cats bop their heads to you. This is a sign of marking territory.

7. Hang Out

And as mentioned above, they would want to be in your space, and that is because they want to spend time with you.

How To Care For Dog Paws In The Winter

You can definitely now feel the change of season with the cold. It is a great feeling for some but will need a lot of adjustments. As much as the snow and cold temperature are nice, it can be also challenging. It is not only about your health but also, the man’s best friend, your dog’s health. Cold temperature is not exactly the bed of roses for them.

Humans experience dry skin when cold weather comes. That is the same for dogs. The cold and dry air is bad for their paws. Like human skin, it will become dry, and they will suffer itching and cracking. They are also a prospect in having frostbite. Because of this, you will have to protect your dog’s paws during this time, and here the ways:

1. Booties

Salt or de-icers are used to remove snow. These are harmful to your dog though because of chemicals and might also cause some irritation, so you will have to prevent them from exposure. Dog boots or booties are not just there to have your dog dressed up, but it will be also a big help for protecting their paws from ice, salt, and chemicals. You can easily find it at pet stores. 

2. Balms and Petroleum Jelly

Another way to protect your dog’s paws is to apply and massage some petroleum jelly or any other balm available to protect the paws. You will have to do this before going outside. It is very safe for them. It is also a great tool to heal if their paws get chapped. There are some preparations before you do this. Make sure that they are groomed well, meaning the hair around paws are trimmed and will not get in the way of the balm. Also, it will prevent from having salt and ice in clinging on the fur.

3. Bring Towels

Every time you go for a walk, make sure to also bring some towels. This way, you will be washing your dog’s paw the wipe and dry it to remove salt and chemicals from the ice. Make sure to check between the toes too and if the paws are getting cracked.

4. Warming Up

You will also have to prepare your dog before coming outside or even just staying in for it is important to keep them warm. First is that you will have to keep your home warm. Because of the cold, bathing will only make them colder and also will decrease oils that protect them. Another is dressing them up to add some layers to them and also increase body heat. Brushing their hair will also help with their circulation. 

5. Stay Indoors

If it is too cold to go outside then you just let them stay in your house. That way, they will be also protected from the ice. As said before, make your house warmer. Also, at this time, they feed them more because they tend to get more energetic. Also, give them more drinks to stay hydrated.